Secrets of The Best Property Photography

How To Photograph Your Home For Sale: Secrets For The Best Property Photography
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We all know that first impressions matter, especially when you’re trying to sell your property. If you want to catch the attention of potential buyers and attract serious viewers, a well-planned photoshoot is crucial. By showcasing the lifestyle your home offers through excellent photographs, you can save time by focusing on interested buyers.

So why not learn a few tips and tricks from professional photographers to prepare your home for its market debut?

Get Ready

Before you invite a photographer to take pictures of your house, there are several things to consider. The weather on the day of the shoot, the unique features of your home, and the photographer’s experience can all affect the outcome.

While you can’t control these factors, you have the power to create the best conditions for great results. Here are some expert tips to help you get started:

1. Clear the space

You can’t change the size of your rooms, but you can make them appear more spacious in photos. Avoid capturing dark corners or cluttered areas by decluttering, cleaning, and rearranging furniture. This will maximise the effect of light and reflective surfaces, showcasing the full potential of each room.

Important Tip: Some photographers may use a wide-angle lens, which can sometimes distort the room’s proportions. Keep this in mind when discussing the options on the day of the shoot.

2. Shop for props

Luxury homes in magazines make us desire them because they’re carefully decorated to show the lifestyle that most people want. Regardless of the size of your property, you can use their styling tricks to make your home look amazing. Read our recommended styling accessories for 2023 here. 

Here are some affordable ideas for different areas of your home:


Even if your kitchen isn’t custom-made, it’s better to showcase it in a positive way instead of avoiding it in photos. Help viewers imagine themselves enjoying time in the heart of the home by adding:

  • A wooden board filled with rustic bread and delicious cheeses
  • Bowls of fresh fruit like strawberries, apples, and limes
  • Champagne and pastries
  • Flowers that match the style of the home, such as wildflowers for a country farmhouse or elegant lilies for modern properties

For our top 5 kitchen improvements to add value to your home, read our blog post here. 

Living Areas

While people love spending time together in the common areas of the house, avoid displaying lots of toys or personal items in your photos. Some potential viewers might be put off by evidence of pets because of the potential damage they can cause. Instead, consider:

  • Pillar candles
  • Fresh flowers
  • High-end magazines and coffee-table books

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

After a stressful day, we all want a relaxing space to unwind. Make bedrooms and bathrooms appear cozy and inviting by including:

  • Crisp, neatly ironed sheets
  • Plump pillows
  • Fluffy white towels (for display purposes only)
  • High-quality toiletries that give a spa-like or salon feel

Outside Space

Even if you have a small lawn or courtyard, you can make it charming with these additions:

  • Tealights or lanterns with church candles
  • A flowering plant as a centerpiece for an outdoor table
  • Hanging baskets filled with blooming flowers

Read about styling your garden to sell with these 6 easy steps. 

3. Communicate

Since you’ve lived in your home, you know it better than anyone else. Take note of the unique features, appealing design elements, and your favorite areas. This will help you create a helpful guide when talking to your photographer about the upcoming photoshoot.

To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure to share the guide with your photographer ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to ask for “lifestyle” shots that showcase your carefully selected props, as well as “vignette” photos that use doors and mirrors to frame important features or attractive views.

4. Time it right

Knowing how your home appears in different directions can help you decide the ideal time for taking specific photos. Nobody wants to see a dark or uninviting exterior or a garden that looks dull and unappealing. In order to capture the best lighting, your photographer might need to come back in the evening when the sun shines towards the front or back of your property.

Twilight Photography at Kings Hill, 17 East Street, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1DB, UK

5. Be a co-producer

When it’s time for the photoshoot, be ready to help the photographer by removing any distracting objects and adjusting the lighting. A skilled photographer will let you know about any issues that need fixing. Getting involved in the process can minimise the chances of being disappointed with the final photos, so don’t hesitate to actively participate and lend a hand.

6. Style to season

If people see pictures of your property with flowers in full bloom during winter, they might wonder how long your house has been up for sale. During autumn, potential buyers are more likely to be attracted to a festive scene rather than when the holiday season has just ended and they are craving sunny days.

To prevent giving buyers a reason to make a low offer, it’s a good idea to update your photos throughout the year. The good news is that some images can be edited to enhance the scene, and your photographer may offer this service.

7. Go pro

It’s important not to take shortcuts by asking someone who isn’t a professional to take your property photos. A true professional will take their time, know how to create the right atmosphere, and set up each shot effectively. Investing in a professional photographer will prevent future disappointment and save you a lot of trouble.

Delegate to the experts

If the thought of doing all the work overwhelms you, why not let the experts handle the marketing of your property? At Weavers, we have a team of experienced professionals who will make sure your home is presented in the best possible way.

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